Parents of bottle-fed children will be responsible for providing all prepared and premixed bottles. Teachers will feed infants according to schedule indicated by the parent. 

We provide nutritious food to help maintain a healthy diet for your child.  We will post a snack list and a supplemental food list for parents to review in the lobby. We are required to supplement every child without a lunch or dinner during meal times. There will be a charge for supplement meals. 


If your child has a food allergy, please let us know at time of reservation. We pride our child care facility on ensuring the health of all children in our facility. 

Meals and snacks will be provided for your child throughout the day. Catered meals are $6.00. Snacks will be provided at no cost. You are more than welcome to pack meals, snacks, or beverages, but please keep in mind that we cannot heat or refrigerate food due to Ohio Health requirements, and will be served at room temperature. Please provide appropriate insulated packaging for food brought from home.